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Mytico: Tradition meets contemporary

Mytico perfectly blends traditional aesthetics and the latest innovations to create the ultimate professional automatic coffee machine that will delight baristas worldwide. Inspired by classic Italian tradition, this Swiss-made coffee machine features a sleek, timeless design combined with state-of-the-art technology. Baristas enjoy an unparalleled coffee-making experience while crafting the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Choose your style



Franke Coffee Systems, Mytico fully automatic and hybrid professional coffee machine


Searching for coffee perfection?

Immerse yourself in a world of pure delight with every sip. Embrace sophistication at the counter and savor each cup produced by a professional coffee machine that meets your needs and preferences while fusing innovation and style.


Easily serve multiple beverages, even during peak hours. This machine’s advanced technologies are an impressive addition to any busy café, restaurant, or hotel.

Beverage variety

Satisfy various customer tastes with cutting-edge technologies and flexible options. Get consistent coffee extraction, perfect foam quality for any milk type and trendy flavors.

Fits anywhere

Our professional coffee machine is designed to harmonize with any space. Its timeless design and customizable side panel colors fit any look, from traditional to contemporary.

Wojciech Tysler on Mytico

Wojciech's exceptional representation of our brand is fueled by his unwavering passion for coffee and extensive knowledge of the industry. He has devoted himself to promoting the art of coffee-making and generously shares his expertise with the world. Watch him in action and discover why he believes Mytico is truly one-of-a-kind.

Mytico Due

Sophisticated design and functionality

Mytico Due enriches the customers’ coffee experience with its barista-quality service and versatile contemporary style. Baristas can easily focus on fostering lasting customer impressions thanks to the machine's automated processes, easy operation, and low height. Mytico Due honors the art of coffee making by allowing baristas to be creative and provide top-notch service.

Mytico Vario

Innovation and intelligence elevated

Mytico Vario is a modern and elegant professional automatic coffee machine that inspires baristas to make various specialty coffee drinks with minimal training required. It is configurable to meet baristas’ needs and allows two people to work simultaneously. Mytico Vario puts user-friendliness first and offers a consistent, efficient, and versatile coffee-making experience with its automated operations.